How to Purchase My Images

Direct print, frame and shipping service providing fine art prints from images on this website. All profits are directed to eco system conservation research projects.

How to Watch My Slideshows

Full length set to music slideshows from my adventures, please visit and enjoy.

Pacific Wild

Phenomenal photography and videos of the Great Bear Rainforest promoting conservation.

Saving Wild Salmon

Eric Hobson and his team are pushing hard to save the last wild pacific salmon stocks

Saving the BC Coast

Heroine and scientist Alex Morton's web site documenting the science for saving salmon

Saving The Coast

Twyla Roscovich's insightful documentaries from the BC coast.

Great Bear Rainforest

Leading the campaign for integrated eco-system resource management based conservation.

Great Bear Rainforest NGO

Great Bear Forest NGO

Great Bear Rainforest NGO

Great Bear Rainforest NGO

Pacific North West Expedition Support

Skipper and expedition leader Randy Burke provides a phenomenal life changing experience. Exploring the Pacific North West coast and the Great Bear Rainforest should not be considered without including Randy and his team.


Great images by a friend and fellow traveler, check his site out, now.

Polar Expedition Support

Fathom Expeditions, Canada; simply the best polar expedition company. I have traveled with Dave German and his team to Antarctica twice and to the Arctic once. Fathom Expeditions delivers the maximum possible experience where other companies may deliver the minimum viable expedition. Simply brilliant and highly recomended.

Arctic Resources

Polar Bears Alive is a nonprofit organization founded in 1992 by the late Dan Guravich, a renowned polar bear photographer. The organization protects polar bears and their environs through education and outreach programs, in addition to direct funding of research.

Arctic Resources

The Program for the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) was established in 1991 to conserve Arctic species and their habitats in the Arctic region.

Photographic Support

Barbara and Wayne have provided exceptional support and advice.