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J.Keats once pronounced that 'a thing of beauty if a joy forever'; however, it can be competently assumed from your pioneering book, 'Emeralds at the Edge,' that - in sound accordance with the African proverb, 'For tomorrow (the existence of the status quo of 'beauty') belongs to the people who prepare for it today - the objective aura of some of the world's last pristine ecosystems will only exist into the future if we, the human-race, live and improve our standard of living substaniably: 'people must live within the means provided by our daily solar income.' This quotation, from the prologue to your book, however, leads me amicably to my pressing question: is it our materialistic, 'consumer lives (that) are stripping the great geological riches', or is it the means and sources of energy, fossil fuels, which supply 'the onslaught of...industrialised resource extraction' and our materilasitic and consumer driven life-styles. To illustrate my question, let's turn to-wards two interdependent answers to our 'food and energy crisis; firstly, solar sourced energy supplying us, the human race, with electricity opposed to status quo - fossils fuels. Humans, despite a change in the energy source which their lives are dependent upon, will still live 'consumer lives'; they will still use supertanker transportation, aeroplanes and domestic transportation; however, when they do so they will not be increasing the degradation of our planet's 'great geological riches.' Secondly, genetically modified crops providing for every human upon our planet. Humans would still consume the same quantity of food and arguably even more; however, the requirement to hunt endangered species of animals inside our eco-systems would be emphatically reduced; thus levating the emotionally revolting issue of net-cage salmon farms. The question surely is, as result: is it consumerism as concept or consumerism in its current practice which is at fault?
Harri M-W - United Kingdom
Cold Coast has been my homepage for months now.
James, Vancouver
Your love for our environment definitely shines through your photography!
Fawzia, Vancouver
Just a quick note to say how much we all love looking at your photos and pretending to be on your adventures!
Karen, Vancouver
This work is beautiful and complelling.
David Vancouver
There's a unique quality about your work that I don't know if I can describe accurately....with many of the photos, I not only could feel myself there and experiencing the place...I could get the feeling and experience you were having in taking those photos.
Corrine, Portland
You have some pretty amazing photos. Makes me want to drop everything and go find places where the physical surroundings turn emotional.
Lawrence, Vancouver
Technically great and, more importantly, emotionally compelling images. Bravo!
Paul Vancouver
I love THOSE! Pengeins they are so lovly
Charlotte, Yorks, UK
I NEVER tire of looking at your photos. You take me back to the Explorer/Antarctica trip in all its glory, you take me to the Arctic, and wherever else you photograph.
Dianna, USA
WOW I am simply blown away, the pics are magnificent!!! And you have such a way with words, I love how you write.
Robyn Halifax
Although nature's narrative is powerful, it takes a visionary to relay it with sensitivity. The photos, particularly from Antarctica and Primal Stands, leave us wanting to know and see more. Thanks for sharing...
Karen Vancouver
Thank you so much for sharing. I like the quotes you have chosen to go with some of the photos - they really help to convey a mood/feeling.
Kathy YHS
We've just been looking at your wonderful photography of the Arctic. Fascinating images. Innara was absolutely thrilled with your presentation. She's been 'reliving' the tales with us this evening. That was lovely of you to share your pictures with the class.
Saira and Innara, YHS
Wow, Great Photos! I could just about smell the salt sea and the bird guano
Terry Vancouver
Fantastic photography - pictures were so mesmerizing that I actually felt that I was there myself!
Margaret Vancouver
Sepia Elephant Island is still the one for me.
Adrian Vancouver
Beautiful composition. What a grand adventure you and your family have been pursuing. We are really impressed with your passion. I can't imagine why you have such an elaborate back up system for your photos!
Ed & Ann, Vancouver
Your photos are absolutely fabulous. I love how you've framed the animal shots, but I adore the shots of the stark surroundings, like in 'Slice of Ice'. By far though, my favourite is the panoramic shot titled 'Neko Harbour I'. The light in the corner is wonderful.
Natalie Vancouver
Magnificent! I could feel the fog and the chill as I viewed your fabulous photos...So beautiful in every way...
Dianna, Northern Virginia
Your photos are simply terrific and wow - they capture the beauty and essense of the place.
You have a great eye for angles and I just had so much fun looking through the shots. Your ice shots are just great.
Dave Canada
Greetings from Scotland! I've just spent the past hour perusing your pictures and they are stunning!!
Freda Scotland
I just looked at your pictures, they are magnificent. One particular picture, The Stack at Point Wild, is out of this world
Amos Vancouver
Thank you for these photos and for the clever and often thought provoking quotes. What a tremendous testament to your passion, not only of these regions, but also for the art of photography. I look forward to more pictures, especially of the Great Bear Rainforest.
Maria Toronto
Your pictures are fantastic and I need to spend more time looking at all of them. How did you take the picture "Reflections". Are they floating pieces of ice with a reflection of the mtn in the background? How did those penguins make it up that 'cliff of ice' in the picture called "Wild Ice"?... I really like 'singing to the sun"
Debbie Vancouver
Those photos are...well...I have no words that will do them justice, although the quotes you chose work very well - I particularly like the Mozart, Michelangelo, Shakespeare one. I want to flee the confines of over-populated society and be one with the penguins - thanks for sharing!
Helen from Starbucks
Beautiful pictures. I just wanted to take the opportunity to commend you for exploring the corners of the planet and encourage you to keep taking these beautiful photographs!
Mark in Vancouver
I loved your Antarcitic photos. I just returned in Feb from a month of sailing on a 60 ft skippered boat, from Puerto Williams to the Antarctic peninsula, vising much of the coast, Le maire channel, Pleneau, Pitt Islands, Paradise,and more, plus Deception Island and Cape Horn. Great photos.
Beautiful photos. Thanks for letting me see through your eyes.
Joanne, Bowen Island
Just checked out your site and I am blown away at your pics.
Mike, Vancouver
A sleepless night I discovered your's calming, introspective and majestic. A great way to fall asleep.
WOW! Your photos are breathtakingly beautiful!!! I'm book-marking your site just so I can escape the everyday and soak up the depth, beauty and stillness your photos capture - truly art. Thank you for sharing!
Fathom/Explorer trip from Feb. 2006, I continue to tell my friends that the best pictures are on your website. I often go back to them - they portray Antartica and that trip so well.
I think your pictures are stunning, well done. I wish I could visit such exotic locations.
Your photographs are simply brilliant and emote as much as they portray. It is art when the unique and that which resonates finds common ground in a single frame.
Jeff, Bowen Island
Awsome pictures I will tell all my mates about it. I am sure they would like to look at them!
megan knight
Great site. Great shots. The photos really capture the essence of the experience. Will we see your name in National Geographic soon?.... Now there is a dream (aw)
Awesome photos have done a great job capturing subject matter so far beyond our 'normal' experience. Some would look great in b/w mono.
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Feels like you are there, sorry mistook you for being in the picture of the big yawn!! Ha HA
Fantastic Ice shots Andrew also like the whale fluke shots almost makes me want to book a trip
Peter Paterson
Great. Glad that you went back and got farther South. There will surely be a next time - and be sure to include South Georgia. Antarctica is the one place that I would love to visit again
Ruaraidh Mcintyre
The pictures are wonderful, from a world of ice, should i say melting ice,our planet is changing and your photography is a reminder that we all have a responsibility to protect the earths POLAR ENVIRONMENTS.
terry slack
Gail Morrison from your 06 Fathom cruise told me about your site. I sailed Shackleton's route in 04. Wow - your pictures are extraordinary!!! What a treat it is to see them. It's a lovely site. Thank you for sharing.
Nancie Svensen
Thank you for sharing your spectacular Antarctica photos with us. You did a fantastic job of capturing the wildlife, scenic wonders and the unforgetable icebergs! Best wishes,
Meg and Bud Schaefer
We had a magical time, didn't we?...and your images are a magic all their own...some of my favorites - Blue Ice Cruisers, Fleeing Penguins, Blue Ocean Drifter,The Stack at Wild Point, Seaweed and Granite, Entering Neko (with flag), Ice DetailI, Sunset Tabular, On the Wing and Flukes VII
Jean Fitzgerald
You brought the magic back for me! Congrats. Thanks for sharing your photos.
Angela Holmes
I've had a wonderful time looking through the images, which really capture the thrill of being in the ice and seeing at close hand the unique wildlife. Thank you so much. They bring back such great memories of the Fathom expedition.
I was very impressed with your photos of your trip to Antarctica. I will share it with some other friends who enjoy photography.
Janice Krauser
Beautiful! The trip in Feb. '06 with Fathom was excellent (I agree with you!) & your pictures are wonder-full! Only negative comment: Why weren't there more of them? I especially like the leopard seal...nasty as they are. Was a fabulous trip, wasn't it?........It was (aw).
Dianna Sutherland
Awesome.....I had to run for a sweater!
Extraordinary, gorgeous images, Andy! And good work, training all those whales to stand on their heads! (Or was it just a series of flukes?)
hi lovin it see ya bye bye
I thought the pictures were very interesting. We studied Antartica at school and I enjoyed the subject! Keep up the good work!
Charlotte Moore
nice one andy! - luvin' it! xx
Bethan M-W